JUST DO IT vs JUST BE – Barry Sant 10/06/18

It’s all about the tension

When our bodies start to breakdown and become ill – unless there is an external factor involved, poor diet, abuse of drugs/toxins, sporting injury etc then it will always be due to excess tension in the body caused by our state of mind and how we process stress and trauma, creating unbalance within our energy body.

So, let’s just take a minute and discuss our bodies. Our bodies are just unbelievably amazing, yet we take so little care of them, most of us are so out of touch with our bodies that we really have no clue to what’s goes on within, what your body is processing right now, this very second.
This is partly due to the fact that it is just so amazing and efficient. In it’s basic form your heart is beating right now, you’ve just taken another breath and you are metabolising food to energy at this very moment. We take for granted that these bodily processes happen automatically, and they do, it’s natures miracle, life.

The body is so amazing that when we get ill it just heals itself without any thought process to facilitate it. When we fall over and graze our knee, you don’t have to sit there staring at your knee willing it to heal or to give an instruction to the body to tell it to repair itself, it just does it automatically. In a simplistic form extra blood rushes to the damaged area providing enriched oxygenated blood full of nutrients needed to repair the damaged tissue/cells, providing the perfect environment for the healing process to take place, absolutely remarkable.

How the damaged tissue knows that they are damaged and how the body knows to send blood and qi (energy life force) to that area is for another time, but it is truly remarkable how this happens.
However, if we don’t provide the right environment for the body to heal i.e. we don’t clean the wound, leaving dirt and bacteria in the body then the body will find it extremely difficult to heal and possibly get infected etc.
Now generally the body will still cope if it’s in relative good working order but if the environment is hostile and we are in poor condition/health than drastic measures may need to be taken if gangrene sets in etc.

Now going off on a slight tangent, when we have pain in our bodies we are usually very resistant towards that pain as it brings different levels of discomfort to us, we understandingly have a very negative emotional response to that pain. At the slightest sign of pain, we rush straight for the pain relief tablets to make us feel better, so we can continue doing the very thing that is probably causing it in the first place.

For me I try and do my very best to look after my mind/body health, and when pain arises, I treat pain as a friend, I take notice and care over it and try not to have any resistance towards it, although sometimes this can be extremely hard to do. But this way of dealing with pain cause less tension in the body, while if we take a more negative approach it will create more tension therefore increasing the levels of pain.

I never want the sensation of pain within my body but when I am alerted to pain sensations I am grateful for it, as it’s the bodies way of telling me something is wrong, saying hay you, wake up, I need some extra help, provide me with a better environment so I can do my thing and depending on the type of sensation it is will give me a clue to what is actually wrong, what part of my body isn’t functioning to the best of its ability and why.

The right environment is an open and relaxed one free from stress/tension. If there is too much tension in the body it will hinder the healing process, the miracle of life. When the body has tension it closes down, becomes tight, arteries condense and harden, a build-up of pressure surrounding our vital organs making them work even harder to perform their duty, and having a butterfly effect on all the other organs and tissues, creating an impossible or at very least an extremely difficult environment for the blood/qi and nutrients to get to the damaged tissues and repair.

But if we can release tension there becomes more freedom, openness, the organs aren’t restricted so they can expand and have more accessibility to blood and qi which is needed to repair.
So, with this in mind it brings us to the article heading JUST DO IT vs JUST BE, if we say to ourselves just relax, unless you are someone with great sensitivity and skill who is in touch with their mind/body relationship like experience Tai Chi, Qigong practitioners, traditional Yogis and Meditators, the mindful action of telling yourself to be relaxed ‘JUST DO IT’ actually creates the opposite effect within our bodies and creates more stress and tension. It’s paradoxical, giving the body an instruction implies actually doing something and in doing something means an action and an action creates tension, so telling someone or yourself to relax is really not helpful. But if you ask someone to ‘JUST BE’ then they just experience life and its sensations right here and now, in which the body will naturally soften, relax and releases tension with no thought of action and therefore no increase in tension.

It still may need some time to practice, to tweak this active mind but by making it habitual with short daily practices the body will respond fairy quickly as it needs no encouragement to heal itself.

JUST BE provides the perfect and natural environment within the body so it can heal in every moment.