ARE YOUR THOUGHTS YOUR OWN? – Barry Sant 10/01/19

Have you ever asked yourself where your thoughts come from and are they actually your own? The majority of your thoughts have been through social conditioning, generated at first by your parents and family members, then influenced by friends, education, news, books and TV etc.

These are not actually your own thoughts but the thoughts and ideas of somebody or something else. Everything you have experienced is from these conditioned perceptions. You may argue that certain experiences have only happened to you, but your reaction to these experiences have also come from these learnt perceptions, it’s like our mental and emotional thoughts have been high jacked which can cause certain levels of suffering within us.

This has happened within different cultures and nations. Millions of people have been taught the same beliefs or ways of thinking, all having the same ideas like they were an army of robots. If an individual doesn’t comply with the majority they are rejected or cast away, therefore keeping everyone in order.

This is also partly about identity, if we only identify ourselves with a certain culture, nation, religion, belief this will only divide people and create separation from each other, which will eventually incite hatred and intolerance on a global scale. This can also happen on a much smaller scale within our own families and loved ones.

Not all of our conditioning is bad though, some of it is essential to survive, but if we can recognise what is not working for us, and indeed others, then it can be thrown away and discarded. This will create space for new energy, new thoughts that reflect actual reality and not perception.

Watch how this transforms your life into mental and emotional freedom.