Home practice – why do I find it so difficult? – Barry Sant 15/02/19

It’s all about the energy man…….

When you are among unsettled, crazy people the energy that they are projecting is easily picked up by your auric field, which then penetrates through into you being and psyche. This crazy, hyper unsettled energy can be a driving force for anxiety, anger and fear alike which if not brought to your awareness can manifest like wild fire.

However, when you surround yourself with people who are calm, stable and grounded this energy is also projected just as quickly within your being and psyche. This is why it’s always a good idea to practice within a sangha or group class where the majority of people are already at peace or at least have been working towards that for some time.

This goes some way in explaining why some of us find it so hard to practice at home. If by our own nature we are slightly internally unsettled it can be very difficult to settle down and practice. Even after only a few minutes your mind may be jumping around thinking of other things that we have convinced ourselves we should be doing that are ‘so called‘ more important. When this happens just be aware of your mind and take a few minutes to settle back down and reconnect to the earth, grounding ourselves before we try any of the Qigong sets or Tai Chi movements. By having the awareness and discipline to take a few extra minutes standing and reconnecting will have a dramatic positive effect on your home practice.

You can also be affected by the environment we live in. It is of no surprise to me that a lot of the great Daoist and Yogi Masters, who have earned their worth, have retreated into the mountains, this is also where you will find the location of some of the most famous Daoist Monasteries and even some ancient Christian churches.

There are a number of reasons for this. Isolation being an obviously one, but also the energy of the mountain which by it’s own true nature is unmovable and stable. This is the energy that will surround and penetrate the master, giving a more rapid development to practice the energetic stability of the mind and body. You only have to look at California which is at sea level. The energy here is constantly shifting and moving due to its own nature, this is where you can find some of the world’s craziest people. Fun and beautiful they may be but certainly not stable and balanced.