Compassion Arising – Barry Sant 15/05/19

I believe you cannot directly train compassion, true compassion is something that is naturally within you, but this does not mean compassion cannot be increased.

The natural process of aging will gently increase the levels of compassion (although not guaranteed) as it generally works hand in hand with wisdom. However, through certain spiritual practices compassion can be accelerated even though we are not training it directly.

Trying to train compassion directly is an illusion even when it’s done with our best intentions. We only have what we have in this moment in time. When we talk about trying to increase our compassion by practice, we are consciously setting out a certain task to attain. If we intentionally decide to help a person across the road or put a few coins in a hat for a homeless individual, this is not a natural state, it is a forced state by our ego mind as we are trying to attain something for ourselves.

To recognise when true compassion is arising within us, is when we have an immediate and spontaneous reaction to give or help, without any gain for ourselves.

For true spiritual and compassionate growth we must relinquish the desire to obtain and accumulate things for ourselves, which are just all part of the ego mind. If we can have total surrender to these desires and let them go, then great things will arise and transformative growth will happen within us.