I Do Love Being Manipulated? Barry Sant 14/06/19

Insights on manipulation, put into two parts. Part 1 family and relationships and part 2 corporations and governments etc.

I thought this was an interesting topic which keeps springing up with fairly regular occurrence, so I thought it would be nice to have a conversation about it.

I do love being manipulated – we are constantly being manipulated directly, indirectly or influenced by everyone and it’s everywhere all the time.

Now before I start I’ll like to highlight that some manipulation can be positive but I would prefer to call this encouragement however, I suppose it is still a form of manipulation. Like a doctor manipulating us to live a healthier lifestyle, stop smoking or you’ll get ill etc. For this article I’m looking at this topic from a more negative perspective as this is what effects the quality of most people’s lives.

Part 1 – family and relationships

If we take a second to look close enough at our own actions you will notice we are constantly manipulating situations within our families, close associates and friends to meet our own objectives and needs. Hopefully the majority of these actions are done for the greater good in mind or at least with positive intentions.

However, some families manipulate love ones in such a negative manner that it can have a grave and detrimental effect on them, their children and the people that are closest to them and sometimes we are not even aware that we are doing it.

Family members who do this generally use the emotions of guilt and shame, as they are very powerful human emotions, this can have a dramatic and destructive influence on us which can stay with us through our entire life.

Love ones can be the greatest master manipulators of all as they know exactly what emotional strings to tug at, especially when its a relationship which is based on conditional love.

I will do this if you do that – where you find yourselves exchanging physical or emotional conditions, using guilt to get your own way. This is more like a business contract than a loving caring relationship.

Have you ever thought or said something on the lines of ‘I do all this for you and what do I ever get back in return’. Who can honestly say they have never said something along those lines within a loving or close relationship.

True love is totally unconditional. It doesn’t matter what they do, all you want is the best for them and for them to be as happy as humanly possible regardless of how you may personally feel. Even if that means the ultimate sacrifice within a relationship, leaving them for their greater good, it maybe the hardest thing anyone can do in a loving relationship but if you love someone truly and unconditionally then sometimes this needs to happen.

When we were young can you remember what love felt like, free, liberating, they made you feel you could conquer the world together. Then we got older and we started to look for what that other person can give us, pleasure, safety, financial security, confidence, happiness etc. and if we do not have these things in our lives we will blame our partners for not providing it for us, without even a glimpse of understanding that it actually may be us which is lacking. Have you ever heard people say he or she is really lovely and I really like them but I couldn’t be with them because…… of a specific circumstance they are in.

What if you felt that you had all of these things in abundance already. If you felt that you were absolutely amazing and loved the person that you have become. You wouldn’t need any emotional support or encouragement because you are already living a blissful life, you already have everything you emotionally need, self-worth in abundance.

Wow what would your relationship look like then. Probably free, liberating, trustworthy, enriching and the feeling of conquering the world together. That’s why spending time on your own personal and spiritual development is so important. When we can feel like this, when we can release all our inner demons which confine us to this limited self made prison within our own minds, how absolutely amazing this would be.

Once our minds are free, we will develop the ability to recognise when people are trying to manipulate us and we would be strong enough to deal with it appropriately, whether that’s through compassion or standing strong, with out fear of the consequences.

Its also worth mentioning that don’t get confused with someone willingly compromising and someone manipulating they are two very different sides of the same coin, as we all know we have to compromise in all our different relationships.

Freedom and love working together – freedom to let the other person be who they are and also freedom for you to be exactly who you are.

Part 2 – Corporations and Governments

Governments, corporations, public relations companies and media have spent a lot of money and research on manipulation of ones mindset, which can influence our thoughts and actions. We can see this clearly with magicians and entertainers, just watch the link below with Derren Brown who talks about this very thing.

We are all connected emotional beings whom crave safety, validation, acceptance, happiness and love. These emotions come from a sense of self, they are feelings, very powerful feelings which are created by our previous experiences, thoughts and knowledge and they know it.

They are constantly creating heighten emotional responses through our senses, if we feel it, it must be true, so they can persuade us depending on their own desired outcomes.

We see it everywhere, especially with the Brexit debate. Both sides are trying to manipulate us, using either FEAR of economy, jobs security, free movement of people through to terrorism. Manipulating certain statistics and bringing in so call experts that agreed with their own views. How can there possibly be two independent experts with totally different points of view on the same subject and of course the word ‘expert’ is a very powerful and manipulating one.

The bank of England have been wrong in nearly all their predictions in recent times and yet we are still taking their advice seriously. Why because we have been manipulated in thinking they are a so called trusted professional corporation who are experts in the area of finance, the name itself has a massive influence to all English people a sense of greatness and belonging.

Nothing can be totally objective, to observe something it has to be perceive by someone who will interpret the information as they see it from their own perspective. This is also one of the problems with science and why science is constantly changing, what was once proven to be true is no longer strictly true. This is easily explained by the natural evolution of knowledge itself, the more knowledge we acquire the more we will see the exact same thing but from another more progressive perspective, Newton and Einstein are examples of this.

Yet some of these fears are not the actual realities that we live in. Some are not even close to the actual reality, creating a picture of extreme horror so that even if they have any partial truths to them it will still seem horrendous.

They know that all they need to do is to constantly repeat these part truths through reputable media platforms and eventually people will start believing them as they are be bombarded from all angles. Now if you get someone famous or well known in a certain professional sector then this cements the part truths within our own minds. Taking terrorism as a prime illustration of this, we are statistically safer then we have ever been in history and yet terrorism propaganda is in the news every single day in some form, to heighten certain agendas.

All of this to persuade the public so they can manipulate the situation to enforce more control through laws and levy’s. Climate change is another obvious one. Has any of these so called green taxes/levy’s actually made any difference in climate change? The answer is certainly no, climate change and pollution is increasing at an enormous rates, but this fear is used to persuade public opinion so they can increase these so call green taxes and actually be thanked for doing so, even though it has no actual affect on climate change or pollution. Ultimately it’s about the money for the government, for their personal interests and their business associates.

Their greed along side capitalism and consumerism is ultimately the driving force behind climate change. We can send a rocket to Mars but can’t make a washing machine or other goods that last more than 3-5 years. Of course we can if we wish too, but if we built things that lasted like the good old days the corporations wouldn’t make as much money. This age of cheap disposable goods has been purposely designed specifically for commercial benefit and consumerism, with the corporations and governments getting richer and the planets resources getting poorer.

Eventually, if not actually quite soon, humans will be the ones who suffer if not already and yet its us humans who have brought it upon ourselves. A bit like stabbing ourselves in the eye with a ball point pen. I think most of us would recognise that this is not a sensible way to live, for ourselves and for future generations.

Now what if you could fight back, what if you could recognise all these manipulations, whether it’s from love ones, associates or governments for what they actual are. Having the ability to recognise emotions as they are arising within us and having the awareness to register where these thoughts that influences our emotions and life’s dissatisfactions come from.

Free-mind therapy and internal inquiry gained through releasing cognitive habitual mindsets, allows you to process your emotions and desires in a more balanced way. Free-mind enables you to understand where your thoughts are generated from and how they are controlling your emotional needs.

After a short period of time this awareness becomes embedded naturally into our psyche and you become more conscious of your thoughts and can recognise this manipulation almost instantly and giving you the ability to just witness the thought without giving it any emotional power, gaining what I like to call emotional intelligence.