We must take direct responsibility for our own spiritual lives & rely upon nobody & nothing.
If another being were able to save us, surely he would already have done so? It is time therefore that we help ourselves.

First I like to thank my parents Tony and Ros for getting me involved in sport, especially martial arts at such an early age and for their constant love and continuous support through out. To my mum, i hoped i made you proud R.I.P. love you.

Sensi Richard Merchant my first ever Judo instructor, who demanded and installed a high level of discipline in me which even at such an early age (6 years old) has stay with me in all walks of life.

Sensi Big Tony Jukes (Judo) for helping me to believe in myself and that anything is possible if you focus and put all your energy into it.

Sensi Mike Haynes (Judo) for most of my technical ability and constant encouragement.

Sensi James Neal (Judo) for being my mentor, for the guidance and inspiration you gave me, fine tuning my technque and fighting ability and finally for all his help in my personal life.

Guru Peter Lewis (Eskrima) a man who i have great respect, i have never been in so much pain from training and learnt so much from each and every punishing strike which landed upon my body. Makes you appreciate the real deadliness of the art.

Sifu Dave Taylor (Wing Chun – hall of fame) i’ll like to thank him for his dedication, time and effort which he spent training me. Sifu Dave Taylor is the instructor who really showed me how to ‘fight’ for real situations, which has held me in good stead through all my security work. Thank you for your humour in lesson, I have never enjoyed training so much, you helped inspire me and gave me a great Wing Chun foundation.

A very special thank you to Sifu Altair De Almeida (Tai Chi / Qigong) for referring me to the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain and for the use of his schools name ‘The Inner Dance School of Tai Chi & Chi Qigong’ in which i am extremely honoured. Altair is the most relaxed, approachable, friendly, knowledgeable teacher you will ever meet, who has a genuine passion for healing others and the world. He is a great teacher of Tai Chi / Qigong / Biodanzer and is a qualified Acupuncturist / Shiatsu / Angelic Reiki / Meditation practitioner who understands me and gives me support when ever needed. Thank you for your constant encouragement and for letting me continue with my Tai Chi study when thing got financially hard, my friend.

Chris Eagles & Jemery Lander Bristol Tai Chi practice group – Chris and Jerry has really help me understanding the true Taiji art.

Torben Bremann Danish Online Taiji teacher

Jayne Frost my spiritual teacher and guide for whom i’ve learnt so much.

Pete and Nicky (Reiki Masters) from Healing Earth Hereford, who have helped me evolve personally and my healing abilities by passing on the Reiki energy and principles.

To all the wounderful people at the Wild Goose Sangha Zen Center at Holland House and the entire sangha for just being. I would like to thank Karen and Ian Spencer for making me feel so welcome two beautiful people. Last but certainly not least my Zen teacher Patrick ‘Kundo’ Eastman Roshi who helps guide me in all my authentic Zen training and for the great honour of allowing me to become one of his students.

To all my students, clients pasted, present and future thank you for being so supportive and loyal, you have no idea how much you have taught me, so for this i am extremely grateful and humbled.

Finally my wife Nina for her amazing inner strength, giving me my passion for life, and for keeping me grounded. My two beautiful daughters Leila and Larissa who gives me constant pleasure, enjoyment and love. Thank you all for putting up with me and giving me the time and support to allow me to follow my dreams.

Gratitude, Love and Peace

Barry Sant