Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.




My personal fitness training is based on strong core, anaerobic and muscular conditioning, using TRX cables, body weight exercises, kettle bells and of course pad work. There are no heavy weights no long tedious aerobic exercises and no sparing, all preformed at the appropriate level for you with a little humour mixed in to gain maximum results.

Barry Sant has also worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, fitness manager and club manger. He is a fully qualified fitness professional with a Premier Fitness Diploma which includes all aspects of fitness, kinesiology, nutritional, sport massage and sports therapy.

In 1999 Barry helped prepare the New Zealand All Blacks rugby squad for their Rugby World Cup preparation and post game training. Working with rugby superstars like Jonah Lomu.

Barry also help train and advised Olympian Simon Archer who won a silver Olympic badminton medal among various World, European and National Titles – some of Worcestershire County Cricket players including Graham Hick and also rock superstar Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin – drummer) just to name a few.

He regularly consults with his students about their fitness, nutritional needs and sport injury re-hab.