There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way and not starting.




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  Our typical western life-styles are based on working long hours and consumerism creating high levels of stress, mental illness and physical sickness.

We need to start putting things into prospective, prioritising wisely and become more present in everything we do.

What do you ‘really’ want out of life? Joy, happiness, fulfilment, peace, these are all attainable within our life time if we have the right balance. This wonderful mind set has nothing to do with how wealthy one is or how many luxury items we may own and become attachment to.  The constant worry about paying that inflated mortgage, HP payment or the next big holiday, creates the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve and promotes the worst of human nature. There is nothing wrong in making lots of money if fact I welcome it, but consider how you make that money, your own moral values and at what cost to your mind / body harmony.

If we can slightly adjust or tweak our mind-set just a little we will all start enjoying a more joyful and peaceful life.


Tai Chi, Qigong, Zen, Martial Arts training are all extremely useful tools to create a rewarding life balance and good health.




We have all heard the expression ‘we are what we eat’ which is true but along side that is also ‘we are our thoughts’.

Every thought manifests itself to the person we are, our own character. If we think negative thoughts we become negative people it’s obvious right, if we think positive thoughts we become a positive person, glass half full. So why do many of us still think like that? I could right a book on it and many have so I won’t go there, but a simple mental check on our thoughts is just sometimes all we need.


When we recognise we are thinking negatively just pause for a second and let it go. Sounds simple, but hard to do I know, but the more we keep our thoughts in check ‘letting go’ slowly but surely the mind gets use to it and it becomes a habit and the world becomes beautiful again.

So start checking your thoughts, which stops negative speech, which stops bad actions, which ultimately effects our character – our soul.





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