People are like stained glass windows – They sparkle & shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed, but only if there is light from within.





I have been involved in martial arts since I was 6 years old both domestic and international level and have been studying Tai Chi from around the year 2000. I am a register teacher with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain who have certified me at Advance Level.

I am also a devoted Zen Buddhist who has been given transmission of the Dharma name ‘Fuso’. I have studied Daoist Alchemy in some detail and have been healing clients with Reiki for many years in which I have obtained the level of Reiki Master. With all my experience with the Energy Arts, Zen Buddhism and Daoist philosophy I founded the Free-Mind Therapy centre in Worcester and Kidderminster.


Barry Sant martial arts journey started when his parents enrolled him in the local Judo club, were he studied Judo for 17 years under a number of quality sensei’s (teachers) Richard Merchant, Big Tony Jukes, Mike Haynes and James Neal where he gained his senior first black belt at age 18, this was the start of his martial art teaching career as he was then allowed to teach the beginner and junior classes.

At 18yrs Barry was seeded 2nd in a national ranking tournament ‘British Open’ he moved to Scotland for two years so he could train at the Edinburgh Judo Club where numerous British Squad members trained on a weekly basis. He was also invited to train with Neil Adams at his Judo club in Birmingham where a lot of the British Judo Squad held some of their national training.

Feeling the need to broaden his skills, Barry met with Guru Peter Lewis who taught Warriors Eskrima under Grandmaster Abner G. Pasa in which he gain his level 6 (2nd degree black) in 3 years and became also became an apprentice instructor.

Barry then got hooked on studying martial arts which were diverse and with completely different cultures from around the world, so he could really broaden, develop and understand the benefits from each art and fighting method.

This is when he sorted out a reputable Wing Chun instructor Sifu Dave Taylor (Wuma Hall of fame), again gaining his Black Sash. Barry fell in love with this art which just seemed endless and found the Wing Chun principles fascinating. This was his first introduction to internal power (Qi) which really opened his eyes to another way of training and experiencing the body.

A natural progression to enhance his internal energy was to study Tai Chi (Taiji), which is now Barry’s main art. He continues to study and teaches under the guidance of Chris Eagles, Jerry Lander, Torben Brennan, and Master Wee Kee Jin among the many. Barry is a registered Tai Chi Instructor at ‘advanced level’ under the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain (TCUGB)

Barry has also studied Muay Thai with Tony Myers and Boxing with Charlie Joseph (owner of Trojan and ex pro fighter). Barry trained along side with full time world class and national domestic professional fighters of the Trojan Free Fighters Gym.

Barry trained regularly in different grappling arts with Richard Hurst a Former British Grapple and Strike national  Champion.

Since 1995 Barry has taken an keen interest Buddhism and Daoism ancient philosophies, of which Barry has been a keen practitioner and who always try’s to lead his life with these principles in mind. He has also sat in spiritual circles for 10 years increasing his personal / spiritual development.

Along side studying and teaching martial arts, Barry is also a Reiki Master and heals his clients using Reiki, Qigong, Meditation and Emotional Control. These are in conjunction with Buddhist and Daoism philosophies combined, creating ‘Free-Mind Therapy’.

Also studied: Dook Sau Kung Fu / Tae Kown Do / Ju Jitsu / Boxing / Kyu Jutsu / Premier Fitness Instruction Diploma / Nutrition / Massage


Some more people you may of heard of
Barry has either trained with or has been taught by:

All Japan weight category champion gold 1975 / 78 / 79 / 80 / 81
Hungary cup gold 1977 / 78
Cuban cup gold Canada cup !980
Canada cup gold 1980
Mongolian Open gold 1981
Kano cup gold 1982
world championships silver 1975 / gold 1981

World championships 5th 1975 / 79
Olympic Games 7th 1980
European Championships bronze 1980
British Open gold 1980

European Championships bronze 1977 / 78 / 82
European Championships gold 1979 / 80 / 83 / 84 / 85
World Championships gold 1981
World Championships silver 1983
World Championships bronze 1979 / 85


Director of British Judo – present
Commonwealth Games gold 1994
Commonwealth Games bronze 1990
European Championships 5th 1991
British Open gold 1990 / 92 / 93
British Open silver 1986 / 89 / 94
British Open bronze 1987

Commonwealth Games gold 1992 / 94
European Team Championships bronze 1992
British Open gold 2000 / 01 / 02
Commonwealth Games silver 2002 British Open bronze 2003

UFC / Pride / Cage Rage

Pride / Cage Rage / ISKA / Ultimate Combat Champion

Very experienced British Wing Chun practitioner / Author / Dvd’s etc


The UK’s leading pressure point Instructor / Author / Dvd’s etc


Authentic Soto Zen Master


Tai Chi – Advanced Instructor

Zen – Lay person – dharma name ‘Fuso’

Reiki Master & Founder of the ‘Free-mind Therapy’ Centre in Worcester & Kidderminster

Pressure Point Instructor Level 2

Judo – 1st Dan

Eskrima – Level 6 (2nd Dan)

Wing Chun – Black Sash

Wuma – International Body Guard Course

Wuma – Kubtan Control & Restrain

DPS – Control & Restrain

Martial Arts Consultant & co-ordinator for the film / drama series ‘Morality Case’

Be Kind, Be True, Be You!

Barry Sant
Head Teacher